Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome Back

Hey Kittens- after trying for a couple weeks, I decided to go back to blogspot- Just personal preference. So I'm still trying to get everything set up correctly.  I hope to get everything back up and running on Monday, so be sure to sign up for new posts. 

Now for this weekend- try out this delicious cocktail from Coco+Kelley

Frozen Lemonade (with a dash of!) Coconut Rum
  • 9 cups ice cubes, crushed
  • 9 oz. frozen lemonade concentrate (roughly 18 Tbsp.)
  • 3/4 cup coconut rum
  • lime wedges & fresh mint sprigs for garnish
Pour about 1/3 each of ice, lemonade, and rum into a blender. Blend until slushy. Pour into glasses & garnish with lime wedges & a sprig of fresh mint. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Serves 6.


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